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Here you will find everything you need to know about West Who - and there's no doubt that West Who is one of the most unique micronations in the world.
Learn about our history, unique culture, great food, art and heritage.
Our history dates back to 1969, read about our legendary heroes and citizens who forged the way for West Who today.
You'll find information on this site about what makes West Who the modern, vibrant nation it is today.
As President, I encourage you to experience through this site what West Who is all about - and to have lots of fun along the way.


Can a small nation have an impact on the study of space? Yes, we can. The purpose of the Space and Planet Exploration Agency SPEA is to develop programs and activities involving science and technology that support the priorities of the Government of the Republic of West Who.  SPEA directs its resources and activities through four key areas:
Space Awareness
Earth Observation
Space Science and Exploration
Satellite Communications
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 Director Kevin Farr