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West Who citizens live all around the world.

Citizens of the Republic of West Who live all around the world and are proud to be part of the world's happiest micronation. 
John Farr -  A West Who citizen since 1969.  Offices held include President, Vice President, Minister of Citizen Affairs.  He is married with three children and four grandchildren.  John likes to travel, swim, read and volunteer.  He was born in California, USA. and likes Italian food and donuts.
Dr. Joseph Rankin is a West Who citizen. Married to Joy Rankin they are blessed with ten beautiful children. Born in Nigeria. He likes traveling and humanitarian services.
Margaret & Luke Neiderer, she is the Director of Conservation for West Who and he is a Senator.  These West Who citizens live in Colorado.  They have two daughters, like to travel and enjoy the outdoors.

Sarah Roberts is the former Vice President of the Republic of West Who. She was the first woman elected as vice president.  She was born in California and recently graduated from university as a teacher.  She likes music, traveling, swimming and the beach.

Ibrahim Algın is a West Who citizen since 2019. Businessman.  Married with two children. He likes to travel and taste new foods. He was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey and lives in Gaziantep, Turkey.
Jaclynn & Everett Morrow are West Who citizens who live in California.  Jaclynn is the Assistant Minister of Education for West Who.  She is married to Darren and has three children - all are West Who citizens.
Nicola Pillonetto was born in 1975 in Italy where I am a police officer, founder of the "European Volunteers" association that is committed to environmental protection, animal protection, civil protection, blood and organ donation, historical vehicles. In addition, the delegate for the province of Treviso of "Fraternità della Strada" which deals with road safety. Already a volunteer in the Italian Red Cross and in the Auxiliary Coast Guard and a West Who citizen. Nicola Pillonetto is also the Governor of Who Province.


Chris Roberts is the Chief Justice of the West Who Supreme Court.  Chief Justice Roberts gained West Who citizenship in June of 2015 while he was in the county jail in Colorado Springs. While that may seem unusual, Justice Roberts was a deputy sheriff at the time and happened to be working the jail when notice of his citizenship arrived! Justice Roberts served unofficially as an Ambassador for West Who while living in Germany from January 2016 to July 2019. He currently resides in East Tennessee with his family. Chief Justice Roberts enjoys reading, exercising and eating popcorn. 

Ron Hall is West Who's only astronaut.  He is currently the Vice President of West Who.  He was born and lives in California.  Ron is married to Dawn and has one son Nate.  He enjoys traveling, biking, mountain climbing, running and other outdoors activities.  Ron was once a captain of a submarine at Disneyland.  

Michael Farr is the Foreign Minister of West Who. He has traveled to 85 different nations around the world.  Mike likes sports, reading and traveling.  He is a Dodger's baseball fan and a Raiders football fan.  He likes to eat tacos and enjoys going to the movies.  


Ayman Boumenkar a West Who citizen and Moroccan singer who starred in the year 2017 through social networking sites. He is distinguished by a new style that entered the artistic arena from its wide doors and by joining DAT companies a great weight in the artistic arena: Anghami and Spinnin Records. Ayman was born on September 7, 2001 in Marrakech, Morocco The artist is characterized by his performance of Arabic versions of songs in a simplified language.
Mac Roberts was born in Germany and is attending University in the USA to study economics and mathematics. He likes to run, travel, and eat Chipotle.  Mac is the Director of the West Who Olympics Program.
Ramesh Kumar is a Lawyer/Businessman/social activist from Pakistan with the aim in life to help poor and needy people.  He is a member of the International Bar Association, Progressive Human Foundation and International Association of Lawyers.  He is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Republic of West Who.

Ratan Patel is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He attended Drishti Academy in Delhi and graduated from University Jaunpur with a degree in economics and social science.  He currently works in International Business Development.

Kathy Landis Bowman is a retired teacher of children with special needs.  She is a world traveler.  Kathy is one of the longest serving West Who Senators.  Born in Illinois she currently lives in California.

Evan Gleifert was born in the United States.  He plays football for his high school team.  His career plans include a career in the military.

Patricio Vincente De La Plaza is a retired businessman who lives in Santiago, Chile.  A long time West Who citizen, Senor De La Plaza is the Republic of West Who Ambassador to Chile.

James Powers is a writer and internet radio broadcaster who lives in Massachusetts, USA. He is a huge fan of soccer, Doctor Who (Tom Baker is his favorite Doctor), the works of Hunter S. Thompson, travel (UK, Barbados, Canada, Australia, and all over the United States), and history. His interest in political history led him to West Who, where he's proud to be a citizen.

Paul Tapas lives in India.  Paul is an elected member of the West Who Senate.  Senator Tapas became a West Who citizen in 2017.

Lidia Vogel is a West Who citizen who currently resides in California and plans to teach English abroad. She enjoys learning foreign languages, playing music, art, photography, reading, and longboarding.  She is the West Who Minister of Transportation.

Adam Syed is a West Who citizen who lives in India. He is a software business consultant and works as a freelancer and for business firms to develop Digital Assets. He completed high school and some computer diplomas in Hyderabad, India.  He is married and he plans to invest in health, education and food industries in Republic of West Who.  Adam believes in the peaceful mission of the Republic of West Who.

Seth Farr is a West Who citizen who lives in California.  He is a college graduate and enjoys surfing.  During the summer Seth is a life guard at the beach.  He likes to travel and is a vegetarian.  Seth Farr is an elected member of the West Who Senate.

Mertcan Deniz is a West Who citizen who lives in Turkey.  He attends school, is a bit coin trader, enjoys American football and likes to eat donuts.

Gael GaraudI is a huge addict of martial arts. He practices Systema (Russian martial arts) and Tolpar (Russian knife fencing).  He also likes to meet different people, go to the movies and attend occasional rock concerts.  Gael currently lives in France.


Prithvi Singh Ravish is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He is a diplomat, politician and ambassador.  He is married and has one son. Prithvi Singh Ravish was appointed and designated as the "Ambassador of Goodwill for India" by International Human Rights Commission-IHRC.  Dr. Ravish is the West Who Governor for the Asia Region.

Jean-François Schmidt is a West Who citizen who lives in Switzerland. He is a consultant with some international organizations like the International Human Rights Commission (with Headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic), the International Police Organization-IPO- and for UNICEF Switzerland-Liechtenstein. Mr. Schmidt is the West Who Ambassador to the Swiss Confederation.

Shakil Ahmed Khan is a West Who citizen who lives in Bangladesh.  He attends the University of Dhaka and is studying Tourism & Hospitality Management in the School of  Business Studies.

Sadia Sattar Shishir is a West Who citizen from Chattogram, Bangladesh. She currently is an undergrad student of management studies. She has a diploma in merchandising and finished a six month period of internship under a popular garment factory as a trainee merchandiser. Her extra-curricular experiences are scouting, cadet corp, anchoring, debating, and athletics. Sadia loves to be surrounded by beautiful nature. Her friends call her nature girl for this reason. 


Ashraful Bilad Ribat is a West Who citizen who lives in Bangladesh.  He attends Bangladesh University of Professionals and is studying international relations.  Ashraful also enjoys reading, writing and traveling. 


Hayley Farr is a West Who citizen who lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  Hayley is the West Who Deputy Minister of the Environment.  She enjoys baking, traveling and family.

Kazmi Syed Nabeel Sardar is a West Who citizen who lives in Pakistan.  He is a Medical Trauma Technician.  He loves to read books and his favorite food is rice.  Kazmi by nature likes to help other people.
Eashan Shetty is a West Who citizen who lives in Mumbai, India. He a student, a Bit degree coder and Google certified digital marketing expert. He loves science and technology, stamp collecting, dancing, reading, playing outdoor sports and exploring nature.
Alexander Seipt is the West Who Minister of Justice.  He is 48 years old, married and has four children. He lives in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany and works for the city administration in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  In his free time, he is a youth coach at my local baseball club and likes to ride his motorcycle around the area.  He has been a citizen of West Who since 2019.
Onkar Singh is a West Who Citizen and a prodigy born in India. He holds four world records for the - 'World's Youngest Theoretical Author, Web developer, EMF Researcher and Diplomat. He has also been conferred with India's highest honor from Indian President. Moreover, he is a young diplomat in the UN ECOSOC and World Humanity Commission for the Republic of India.
Muhammed Yasir is a West Who citizen who lives in TN, India.  He is 21 years old and is a software engineer and blogger. 
Ajinkya Modgi is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He is a West Who Senator. An engineer by trade, he is now working as a seasoned sales professional, part-time Financial Planner and passionate stock market trader.  Senator Modgi's hobby is classical singing.
Shelly Petrilli is a West Who citizen who lives in California.  She is the Director of the West Who Food and Drug Administration.  Shelly is married and has four children.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.
Jody Cottingham is an agent of the West Who Intelligence Service.  He was born in the United States.  He is married and has a son and daughter. He works as a private security officer at a hospital.
Sameer Shaik is a 18 year old student who lives in Andhra Pradesh, India.  His hobbies are travelling, hiking, reading and playing sports.
Dr. M. Tariq Alvi is the West Who Deputy Minister of Health.  He lives in Pakistan and is a Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon and Certified Clinical Research Physician.  Dr. Alvi is the author of an ENT book.  He is a Human Rights activist and member of Amnesty International.
Pradhumn Jha is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  His hobbies are reading novels and discussing politics and he wants to be a politician.  As of 2021 he is 16 years old, and a student in the 11th grade.
Fasaj Hinayathylla is a West Who citizen who was born in Sri Lanka but currently lives in Paris, France.  He is a gemstone businessman.
Said Zarwal is a West Who citizen from the Western Sahara.  He speaks three languages: Arabic, Spanish and Swedish.  He works as a journalist.  
Chris Kazantzoglou is a West Who citizen who lives in Greece.  He is a writer-poet-journalist and a radio producer.  His first novel is called "The Dog's Dream Under the Bare Moon".  He currently lives in Athens.  
Farshi Shohail is a West Who citizen from Bangladesh.  He is an undergrad student of Law at the University of London. His hobby is to explore the world and learn the unknown.  He enjoys doing different and unique things.
Nikolai Grigoriev is an architect, artist, author, designer, inventor and futurist.  He works on a wide range of projects and service design to psychology, art and performative projects.
Werner Zurek is a West Who citizen who lives in Germany.  He served as a border inspection officer, a customs officer and was an assistant to the public prosecutor.  He is married and has one daughter. He is a member of the Brotherhood of Blessed Gerar and a sponsor of the aid organization Bringing Hope to the Community Uganda.

DJ Jones is a West Who citizen who lives in the United Kingdom.  He played as a Striker for the Norwich City disability team.  In his last ten games with the team, he scored one goal.

Israel Otoide is a West Who citizen who lives in Nigeria.  He likes movies, watching TV, traveling, sports, sightseeing and going to the beach.

Hani A. Bashier is a West Who citizen who lives in Sudan.  He is a person who believes in peace, freedom, equality, human rights and a wealthy life for everyone worldwide.  He is a writer, a blogger and an I.T. expert.  He is a specialist in Program Development and (Monitoring Evaluation Accountability & Learning) Non-Governmental Organizations.  He is a person with a vision that works to make everyone's life better.

Aandreas Ttoppouzis is a West Who citizen who lives in Cyprus.  He is an army officer and Beekeeper at the same time.  He is married.  He grows and likes to eat his own food.  "I love to meet new people and travel."

Soumyadip Sengupta is a West Who citizen who lives in India.

Jaffar Sandiq is a West Who citizen who lives in Tamilnadu, India.

Teodoru Stemate is a West Who citizen who lives in Romania.  He is a novelist, who has published three books and is currently working on his fourth book. 

Ayush Pandey is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He has a great sense of humor and likes to joke around with people.  While making people laugh he is proud that he maintains high marks in school.  

Anthony Ezeimo is a West Who citizen who lives in Nigeria.  His hobbies are football, basketball, reading books and watching documentaries.  He is a web and app designer, skilled in graphic design, digital marketing and video editing. 

Rich Shivers is a West Who citizen who lives in the United States.  He is retired but very active as an amateur radio operator - K3UJ - who has made contacts through microsats.  

Danish Pizada is a West Who citizen who lives in Canada.  He is an I.T. specialist and was once the captain of his school soccer team.

Anthony-Tobias Barlow-Hehir is a West Who citizen who lives in the United Kingdom. He has diplomas in: Psychology, Teaching Assistant, Child Psychology Level 3, Life Coaching, Residential Childcare NVQ Level 3, Youth Mental Health First Aider, Business Administration NVQ Level 2, Health & Social Care NVQ Level 2.  He is a caring individual who is passionate about helping others.

Diptanu Dey is an Indian Citizen by birth and a West Who citizen by choice.  He works as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Technology in Agartala, India.  He teaches Electrical Engineering.  He is also an author and has published seven books.  

Isank Tiwari is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He plans to study medicine in university.

Rakib Hasan is a West Who citizen who lives in Bangladesh.  He is a photographer and enjoys traveling.  Professionally, he is an electrical engineer and also teaches ESL (English as a Second Language).  

Shubham Srivastava is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He is a writer, beat producer, average chess player and a tech geek.  He loves to explore new visions and concepts which is why he decided to become a West Who citizen.  

Anisul Hoque is a West Who citizen who lives in Bangladesh.  He graduated from the Government Mujib College.  He completed Electrical Engineering studies at the Asia Technical Institute in Dhaka.  He works for a private company as and electric engineer in Dhaka City.  "I will help my best for West Who.  I love West Who and I feel so proud to be a citizen."  

Michael Laurent is a West Who citizen who lives in France.  He is a gemmologist and independent entreprenure.  He worked in the world famous Antwerp diamond district in Belgium.  He has also coached American Football in France, Belgium, Romania and Russia.  American Football is played in 80 countries around the world.  Michael has also worked as an extra in the movie industry.

Syed Peman is a West Who citizen who lives in Kuwait.  He is a Project Manager for Architecture and Interior Fit Out Construction.  Syed is a very jolly and easy going person.  He enjoys singing and music.  He believes in humanity and human values.  "I respect every religion and every faith because I think love is the most beautiful thing which God gives us."  

Connor Hetner is a West Who citizen who loves micronationalism, politics, volcanology and linguistics.

Simone Lorusso is a West Who citizen who lives in Italy.  He is 26 years old and works there.  He has a strong passion for travel and has visited 35 different countries.  He speaks four languages and enjoys sports like hiking and cycling. 

Ioana Ripeanu is a West Who citizen who lives in Romania.  She likes to play tennis, travel and work in diplomacy.  She loves her current job as a translator for the Embassy of Pakistan in Bucharest, Romania.  

Unnikrishnan Parangath is a West Who citizen who lives in India. He likes to be of service to people anywhere in the world.  He also wants to work for peace and humanity on Earth.  Unnikrishnan also has the honor of becoming the 500th citizen of the Republic of West Who.

Daksh Jain is a West Who citizen who lives in India.  He loves to travel and also considers himself to be a tech freak.  "I love to explore new technology and new inventions.  I also love to explore new places."

Michael Laurent is a West Who citizen who lives in France.  He is the Ambassador for the Republic of West Who to France.  Michael is a gemmologis and part time actor.  He loves history and learning new languages.  He also enjoys collecting old books.  

Yahia Abadi is a West Who citizen who lives in Germany. He is really into singing and voice acting.  Music and performing have a special place in his heart.  When it comes to food Yahia absolutely loves pizza and shawarma.  He says those flavors are just unbeatable!

Arafat Hossain is a West Who citizen who lives in Dacca, Bangladesh.  He is an independent social worker and cultural activist.  Arafat is an outgoing person who likes the arts, antiques, sciences, literature, computers, electronics, technology, cosmology, astronomy, egyptology, history, philosophy, social work, sports and traveling.  

Sandro Montalto is a West Who citizen who lives in Italy.  He was born in 1978 in Italy.  He is a writer, musician. librarian, playwright, critic and editor.  Sandro enjoys painting and making puns.  He owns thousands of books, which he doesn't read in an attempt not to ruin them.  Sandro is a regent of the Italian College of Pataphysics and is interested in everything that is unusual, crazy and original, especially if it is a way to express important ideas for a better life.    

Yahav Halperin is a West Who citizen who lives in Israel.  He use to be a tank driver and is currently a photographer.

Tumusiima Jacob is a West Who citizen who lives in Uganda.  He is a biomedical researcher and is interested in diplomacy and international relations.  He serves with Probity Bioresearch Company, LTD as the head of the Equal Trade Alliance.  He is a representative of the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience USA.  He is also a member of the American Society of Pharmognosy.  He is the co-founder of Echo scholarships for Africa.  

Rughved Brahman is a West Who citizen who attends university in South Florida.  He founded the Pickleball Enthusiasts Club at the University of South Florida.  He is passionate about playing pickleball, Formula 1 racing and huckleberries. 


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