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There were 14 micronations that developed in Southern California in the early 1970s. The Federation Treaty officially called the Treaty of the Charter Members of the Federation was signed by four California Micronations in 1972.   The leaders of the nations of Iswas (Craig Carter), USSM (Mark Jones), West Who (John Farr) and Now What (Randy Jensen) signed a mutual aid treaty.  The four nations were among fourteen micronations that developed in California in the early 1970s.   The Federation Treaty agreed that member nations would create a federation force which would amount to 5% of the military of each nation to act as a security and protection force.  It also stipulated that signatories should expect kindness from each other, not declare war on each other and behave as the treaty stated as "an ally is an ally forever".  The treaty was signed by Prime Minister Craig Carter, Supreme Commander Mark Jones, President John Farr and Emperor Randy Jensen in Corona, California.      

California micronations of the 1970s.  The Federation Treaty members came from a group of micronations established between 1969 and 1975 in southern California.  The nations and leaders:  West Who - President John Farr, IsWas - Prime Minister Craig Carter, U.S.S.M (United Socialists Serving Mark) - Supreme Commander Mark Jones, Now What - Emperor Randy Jensen, Republic of Nitshky Vitskay - President Dyke Reese, North Where - President Mike Farr, New Burg - Leader Billy Farr, Confederation of Merea - President Jim Drake, Wassaki - Dictator Brian Limbaugh, South Has - Leader Gary Becker, South Why - President Glenn Miles,  Has Been - President Ronnie Hall and Phantom Island - President Darrell Johnson.  All these nations are defunct with the exception of West Who.  


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In 1971, the Great State of Iswas declared war on West Who.  Prime Minister Craig Carter the leader of Iswas accused the West Who Navy of seizing several Iswas ships.  In a letter to President John Farr in 1971 Carter stated "If this practice is not discontinued we will have to take drastic action.  So you ask what we mean by drastic action.  Iswas has been contemplating declaring war on the honorable but hostile state of West Who."  Carter went on to say that West Who had seized seven trade ships belonging to IsWas.  He also demanded a $10,000 dollar settlement.  Before West Who official could respond Iswas declared war.  The war did not last long.  Generally, the micronations in southern California settled their wars by playing a game of RISK.  The winner won the war.

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The Republic of West Who began in late 1969.  West Who is named after the Who's a group of people in a book by Dr. Suess. A quote by Dr. Suess in Horton Hears a Who "a person’s a person, no matter how small" was adapted by founding citizens of West Who to "a country is a country, no matter how small." West Who was established in 1969, by John Farr.  His friend Craig Carter created a rival nation called Iswas.  Farr became the president of West Who and Carter the prime minister of Iswas.  Both nations were part of the Federation Treaty of California micronations, a group of thirteen micronations started in the 1970s. The students created currency, postage stamps, civilian government, newspapers and other aspects of a country. They declared their independence from the United States, where the micronations were located.  Others joined with them to create their own countries and the various micronations declared war on each other, made alliances and functioned as small nations for several years.

West Who Five dollar bill from 1970


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Since 1969 West Who has been an independent nation, with citizens living in over 40 nations around the world.


West Who citizens may purchase a passport for $25 US, go to the general information section of this website.


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Horton Hears a Who is the favorite reading book of West Who children.     

MicroCon 2019 in Canada was attended by 44 micronations including West Who, check out the video of events MicroCon 2019


The West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency - Can West Who put a person on the Moon?  www.westwhospace.com

What is a micronation? Watch this HBO/Vice News story and find out. It features MicroCon 2017 an international summit of micronations, including West Who. 


West Who e-Passports are available to citizens for $25 US dollars or ($125 West Who dollars).  Contact the Ministry of Citizen Affairs for more information.

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