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Can I collect West Who stamps?

 Millions of people around the world collect stamps.  Add West Who postage stamps to your collection today.  The latest release of West Who stamps features a set of three stamps "Nature and Exploration".  The stamp pictured here shows the President and Director of Wildlife Conservation in New Zealand.  The other two stamps show an alligator and bird.  You can purchase the set of three mint stamps for $3.00 U.S. or $15.00 West Who currency. Shipping included.

Contact us via e-mail ( to purchase your WEST WHO Stamps.

Can I have dual citizenship?

Yes, you can have dual citizenship.  The Government of West Who allows you to keep your current citizenship and be a citizen of West Who as well.  Enjoy your former national heritage as well as, that of West Who.

Can I become a citizen of West Who?

It's free so go ahead and become a citizen of the Republic of West Who.  To become a citizen of West Who, complete the citizenship application on this website.  It is simple, easy and fun.


Is West Who a real country?

West Who is a micronation, a self declared small nation that is located in Southern California.  It has its own elected officials, a functioning government, its own money, stamps, and passports.  It has existed since 1969.

Can I be elected or appointed to a position?

Yes you can.  The nice thing about most micronations is there are plenty of government positions open to its citizens.  Become a citizen and tell us what you would enjoy doing.  The Republic of West Who holds elections every year in July.  You must be a citizen to hold a political office in West Who, to run for President of West Who you must be a citizen for two years, for other offices six months.  The President of West Who also appoints citizens to government positions.  

What do the colors of the West Who flag mean?

West Who has a simple flag with three horizantal stripes: Top blue strip stands for Peace & Wisdom, middle black stripe stands for Determination, and the bottom blue stripe stands for Freedom.



Foreign Relations with the Republic of West Who

The Republic of West Who is interested in diplomatic relations with other nations.  Micronations must be at least one year old before West Who will begin the process of establishing friendly relations.

 West Who has diplomatic relations with the following nations: Grand Duchy of Flandrensis, Virtual State of Drakonberg, Principality of Hashima, Aarian Union of North America, Kingdom of Flezand, Principality of Aigues Mortes, Kingdom of Jupiter and Greater Territories, Principality of Santino, Grand Duchy Westartica, Kindgon of Ruritania, Republique du Saugeais, Iustus Republic, Principality of Santino, Commonwelth of Dracul, Republic of Scoria, Union of Terrexa, Kingdom of Peace, The Holy Christian Republic of Braunland, Empire of Austenasia, Rovdin Empire, Kingdom of Pibocip, Empire of Lehmark. 

How to purchase a West Who Passport

West Who citizens may purchase two different kinds of passports a traditional passport $25 (pictured above) or a credit card style passport $30.  You pay via PayPal ( or you may send cash in your local currency (or US dollars) to Republic of West Who Passport Services - 2281 Silver Oak Drive, Corona, CA 92882 USA.  Include your the address your passport is to be mailed.  Questions contact us at   The Republic of West Who passport is valid in 22 micronations, but currently no nations that belong to the United Nations recognizes or honors Republic of West Who passports. 

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