Who's Who W2 - A Spy Agency Really?

West Who Founding Father

09/24/2019 18:43
 Former President John Farr The Founding Father of West Who was John Farr.  He served as President, diplomat, and early leader of West Who. He was a signer of the Federation Treaty between California micronations in the 1970s. Farr was born into a family of educators in California,...

MicroCon 2017 in Atlanta, USA Pictures

07/07/2017 17:45

MicroCon 2015 Pictures

07/09/2016 22:20

The Basic Law of West Who

06/03/2015 18:32
We in West Who believe life is for living. It is a gift.  It is about making a difference in the world and being happy.  It is about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends.  We the people of West Who believe in a clean and beautiful environment, a warm and...

W2 - The West Who Spy Agency

05/06/2015 20:01
Who’s Who W2 – The West Who Spy Agency Serving West Who Since 2013   W2’s function is to serve and protect the nation     Our functions, as set out in the Intelligence Services Act of 2013, are to:         collect foreign intelligence, not available...