About Us

West Who is a micronation, a small self-declared nation with a population of 100 citizens.  Founded as a republic in 1969, West Who has elected officials in its government including the President and Congress.  West Who is located in Southern California 45 miles east of Los Angeles.  West Who is only .02 of an acre in size making it one of the world's smallest countries.  West Who has its own currency, the West Who Dollar, which is pegged at 20 US cents.  The bill pictured below is worth four U.S. dollars.  
                        A twenty dollar bill featuring Space Director Kevin Farr

Interesting Facts about West Who - Did you know that...

... with an area of just .02 acres West Who is smaller than Liechtenstein and the Vatican City?
... the Republic of West Who has no coastline, no airport and no harbor?
... the sale of West Who postage stamps generate 100% of the country's gross income?
... West Who shares it’s National Anthem with Zimbabwe?
... West Who does have a currency of its own, the West Who Dollar which is pegged at 20 cents U.S. currency?
... West Who has not won any Olympic medals?
... West Who has not had an army since 1991?
... West Who is 213 meters above sea level?
... West Who is completely surrounded by the territory of the State of California? 
... per capita twice as many people in West Who play a musical instrument as in the United States?
... it is not uncommon for members of the government to take part in the country's diverse cultural scene as actors in musicals or       musicians who perform in concerts?
... the entire population of West Who (98) could fit in Government House in Whoville?
... the West Who President was ticketed while visiting Italy? 
... West Who citizens pay no income tax? 
... every child born in West Who receives a copy of “Horton Hears a Who”, the favorite children’s reading book in the nation?
... West Who is the only country in the world to celebrate Las Vegas Day, a holiday dedicated to gambling?


The History of West Who begins in 1969

Prime Minister Craig Carter of Is-Was & President John Farr of West Who in 1974 official state photograph.

History of West Who

West Who was named after nice but imaginary people called the Who's in a Dr. Suess book. The history of West Who dates back to 1969.  The nation was established by John Farr and Craig Carter, two students in California, who decided to create their own countries, naming them West Who and Is-Was.  Working to develop independent countries the students created their own currency, postage stamps, government, newspapers and other aspects of a nation.  The President of West Who and the Prime Minister of Is-Was declared their nations independent of the United States where both students lived.  Their friends joined in the fun and made their own countries too.  The various mirconations declared war on each other, made alliances and generally enjoyed themselves for a number of the years.   Over time, West Who developed and become a truly independent micronation.  Today it's citizens are indeed free and independent people.  For many years elections were sporatic in West Who, but as the nation has grown general elections now occur on a yearly basis.


Postage stamps featuring the Director of the Space Agency and the Foreign Minister

You can purchase West Who postage stamps for one dollar U.S.

The Army in West Who - Well there use to be an army

West Who does not have its own armed forces, although there is a small ceremonial Army.  In case of emergencies or natural disasters, all able-bodied persons 16 years and older must serve.  West Who’s Basic Law encourages citizens to keep a rifle at home to protect the country.
West Who’s small army has historically been raised or reconstituted at various times, but in modern times the army was abolished except for ceremonial purposes. The basic principle of West Who defense is that all able-bodied men and women are available to fight if called upon by the President.
The army's role in internal security was replaced by the National Police of West Who in 1991. The army had defended the country in a series of wars with other micronations in the 1970’s.  The 80’s brought peace to West Who and the Congress moved to dismantle the army and turn over national security to the police force.  The President of West Who is still the nation’s highest ranking military officer, though this is a ceremonial position.

Who Are We

A Spy Agency in West Who - Really?

09/07/2014 21:49
Does West Who really have a spy agency?  Well, yes we do.  It is called Who's Who W2 - The West Who Spy Agency.  It actually has a serious mission to protect and promote West Who's vital interests.  The functions of W2 are set out in the Intelligence Services Act of 2013. ...

Historical Fact About West Who

07/13/2014 21:28
Historical Fact - This letter was mailed to the West Who Embassy in 1972 by Prime Minister Craig Carter. Notice the two 5 cent Is-Was stamps.  The interesting part is the United States Post Office cancelled the stamps.  Prime Minister Carter maintained that this was defacto recognition of...

Ministry of Education

12/09/2013 19:33
The Ministry of Education serves the educational needs of West Who citizens  The Ministry of Education's role is to raise the overall level of educational achievement of West Who citizens. It is not an education provider. That role is met by individual parents in the country. The ministry has...