About West Who

08/16/2013 22:12

"Come Party With Us" - Republic Day is celebrated on July 11th.  This national holiday is celebrated throughout the country.  Las Vegas Day is a moving holiday which is celebrated in early March usually during the WCC Basketball Championships.  Citizens also celebrate West Who Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and Easter.  West Who was established in 1969 and recently celebrated its 44th anniversary.


Who Are We - The history of West Who

In 1969, two seventh grade students decided to make their own countries. They named them West Who and Is-Was. The boys created their own currency, postage stamps, government, newspapers and other trappings of a country. They decided they would be independent of the United States, which is where both boys lived. Their friends joined in the fun and created their own micronations as well, with the various countries declaring war on each other, making alliances and generally enjoying themselves over the years. Today, only West Who remains as an active micronation.

Flag Day in West Who