Farr/Roberts Elected to Lead West Who

07/06/2020 15:27

President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts beat their rivals to win the national elections in West Who.  The Elections Department released a final count of the votes throughout the nation.  Farr beat challenger Madison Petrilli to retain the office of the President and Roberts beat Supreme Court Justice Kumar to keep her seat as vice president.  Justice Kumar will remain on the Supreme Court.  This was Kumar's first attempt at seeking high office in West Who. Four governors positions were up for election.  The seat for the Governor of the Asian Region of West Who was contested by three candidates: Shaurya Singh who received 27 votes, Dwayne Orchard who received 20 votes and Paul Tapas who received 13 votes. In the race for Governor of the European Region the two candidates current Governor Nicola Pillonetto and challenger Alexander Seipt tied, both received 30 votes each.  The Election Department said another election will be held to break the tie.

Raul Mendez ran for Governor of the North American Region and Cory Mcphail ran for Governor of the Oceania region.  Both candidates were unopposed and won election as governor.  Twelve people were elected to the West Who Senate from various parts of the nation: Seth Farr, Avi Nash, Nadav Sundy, Eashan Shetty, Timothy Schoonover, Ron Hall, Ratan Patel, Kathy Bowman, Reilly Roberts, Luke Neiderer, Isaac Muro and Ralf M.M. Stultiens.

Cassidy Giorgi won election as Mayor of Whoville, the capital city.  She beat challenger Mohammad Iqbal 39 to 25.  This is Mayor Giorgi's first time in elected office.