Historical Facts About West Who from the 1970's

07/13/2014 21:28

Historical Facts and items from West Who

Historical Fact - This letter was mailed to the West Who Embassy in 1972 by Prime Minister Craig Carter of IsWas, a micronation in California. Notice the two 5 cent Is-Was stamps.  The interesting part is the United States Post Office cancelled the stamps.  Prime Minister Carter maintained that this was defacto recognition of Is-Was by the United States Government.  West Who and Is-Was along with several other micronations were established in 1969.

Historical artifact from West Who's early years

The national achives recently found an autograph from Prime Minister Craig Carter of IsWas to President John Farr of West Who from the year 1970.  The autograph is one of the oldest items relating to West Who's early years as a micronation.  The Prime Minister's autograph was in a Corona Junior High yearbook, which was the school both students attended in California.  West Who and IsWas were established during the 1969-1970 school year.


Telegram from Australia 1985

West Who Foreign Minister Michael Farr and his brother Bill Farr traveled around the globe in 1985.  While in Sydney, Australia they sent a telegram to President of West Who John Farr marking his birthday.  This is another artifact from the West Who National Archives.