Poll Results Say Launch a Rocket

03/06/2014 21:06

The Whoville News surveyed West Who citizens in a poll related to launching a rocket into space.  More than half the citizens in our nation responded to the questions about whether the West Who Space Agency should purchase and launch a rocket.  Ninety-one percent of those polled said the West Who Space Agency should launch a rocket, nine percent were opposed.  Ninety-one percent of citizens also said the Congress should spend the necessary money to purchase a rocket.  Finally, an outstanding 100% of those questioned said they would like to try astronaut food.  The West Who Space and Planet Agency director Kevin Farr said, "We will arrange an event in the capital to let ordinary citizens test some space food."  


Should the West Who Space Agency launch a rocket?    Yes - 91%   No - 9%

Should Congress authorize spending money to purchase a rocket?     Yes - 91%   No - 9%

Would you like to try astronaut food?  Yes - 100%