President and Senator Visit Vatican City

03/02/2014 13:32



WWN - President Farr and Senator Janse-Vreeling toured the Vatican.  The President and Senator were taken to the highest point in Vatican City, the top of St. Peter's Dome.  "The view from the top was outstanding" said President Farr to reporters.  The Vatican is one of the world's smallest recognized countries.  Senator Janse-Vreeling noted that West Who has much in common with the Vatican City State in that West Who is itself a very small country.


President Farr said he will lead a delegation of West Who government officials to the Vatican in March shortly before the American president visits Pope Francis.  West Who government officials plan to tour the Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums and visit the tomb of St. Peter.  The March visit will be the first formal visit by a large number of West Who government officials to the Vatican City.


While West Who and the Vatican City State do not have formal relations, the President noted that a large number of West Who citizens are Catholic. Public interest in the upcoming visit to the Vatican was high.  Director of the Presidential Security Detail Steve Young noted that a lot of planning will go into the Presidential visit.  "Of course we need to make sure our government officials are safe while traveling in Europe," said Young.