President Farr Re-Elected

President William Farr was re-elected to a fourth term as leader of the Republic of West Who.  Election officials released results from the national elections confirming that Farr won the election.  "I am extremely happy to continue serving the people of West Who.  Our nation continues to grow and prosper and my administration is committed to expanding opportunities for West Who citizens" said Farr in remarks to reporters.  Also, winning in the election was Charlie Mora as Mayor of Whoville, Shawn Esplade as Governor of Who Province, John Farr as Vice President.  Seth Farr, Deanna Daniels, Kathy Bowman and Lydia Vogel were elected as Senators.  Greg Roberts of the Election Department said voting online was smooth and secure.  About thirty-five percent of West Who citizens voted in the national elections.


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West Who citizens may purchase a Passport for $15 US


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Horton Hears a Who is the favorite reading book of West Who children.     

This is the 3rd worldwide meeting of micronations.  West Who representatives will be attending.  Hope to meet you there as well.

What is a micronation? Watch this HBO/Vice News story and find out. It features MicroCon 2017 an international summit of micronations, including West Who.

West Who e-Passports are available to citizens for $16 US dollars or ($80 West Who dollars).  Contact the Department of Citizen Affairs for more information.

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