West Who Government Officials Leave for Italy

03/19/2014 12:22

 WWN - The Vice President, Foreign Minister, Space Agency Director, Wildlife Director, Minister of Education and Senator Neiderer are leaving on a diplomatic tour of Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic according to a presidential spokesperson.  The President who is residing for five months in Italy plans to join the West Who government ministers in Rome.  The President will hold a special West Who government conference in Venice which will also be attended by Senator Janse-Vreeling.  


The Foreign Ministry also announced that Senator Amanda Janse-Vreeling who is studying in Florence, Italy will cut short a trip to Switzerland to meet with West Who cabinet officials in Venice.  The senator who attending a university in Florence is currently on Spring Break.  Minister of Education Anne Farr commended that she is interested in seeing a university in Rome.  The Minister of Education said West Who has one of the highest university graduation rates in the world. Foreign Minister Mike Farr this is the largest meeting of West Who government officials in a foreign country ever.