President on Three Country European Tour

05/05/2014 20:54

President on Final Tour of European countries


WWN- President Farr is completing a tour of three European nations before returning to the United States and then West Who.  The President is currently in Prague, Czech Republic.  His visit to the Czech capital is to increase the visibility of West Who on the world stage.  He is also looking into the possibility of purchasing a small amount of surplus Czech military equipment for the government.  In Prague, the President visited the sight where St. Norbert is buried.  St. Norbert is the patron saint of West Who.  President Farr's second stop will be Brussels, Belgium, the seat of the European Union.  He will be the first West Who official to visit Brussels.  While not scheduled to meet any EU officials, the President will tour the city and visit St. Michael's Cathedral.  

The President is scheduled to fly to Florence, Italy to confer with Senator Janse-Vreeling concerning the President's travels and other matters of importance to the country.  The last country on the President's trip is Sweden.  The President will spend two days in Stockholm.  Foreign Minister Mike Farr said, "The President will not be meeting King Carl XVI Gustaf.  To this point Sweden has shown no interest in building relations with micronations such as West Who." The President will fly Norwegian Airlines to Los Angeles, California where he will be met by the Vice President.  The presidential motorcade will travel about one hour to West Who.  Preparations are being made in Whoville to welcome the President back to the country.