President "Ticketed" in Italy - Nation Outraged

07/22/2014 21:46

WWN - A serious diplomatic breach of protocal occured in Italy when transit police hassled and then ticketed West Who's President.  Foreign Minister Michael Farr said, "We are outraged that Italian transit police ticketed the President."  President Will Farr was using public transportation in Rome when he was approached by two Italian transit police.  Farr took his ticket out of his pocket and moved to validate his ticket.  One of the officials blocked his way and snached the ticket out of the President's hand.  The police then told the President he could pay them a 50 euro fine in cash or receive a ticket for 150 euro if he wanted to pay later.  The President said he didn't have the money.  The transit police walked him to an bank ATM machine where the President withdrew fifty euro and paid the fine.  He was given a receipt for his payment.


The Foreign Minister said, "This is another example of how macronations like Italy trample on the rights of small micronations like West Who.  We are very concerned that the leader of a friendly nation like West Who would be put through this situation."  The Foreign Minister said the government would be lodging a complaint with the Italian Foreign Ministry.

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