Republic of Dostykstan Signs Treaty with West Who

07/23/2023 16:08

The Republic of Dostykstan and the Republic of West Who Signed a diplomatic recognition treaty on July 21, 2023.  The treaty was signed by the presidents of the two countries, Daniel R. Gomez of Dostykstan and William Farr of West Who.

The signing of the treaty was hailed as a major step forward in the development of relations between Dostykstan and West Who. It is seen as a sign of the two countries' commitment to building a strong and lasting partnership.

In a speech, President Farr said that the treaty was a "historic moment" for the two countries. He said that the treaty would "open a new chapter" in relations between Dostykstan and West Who.

President Garcia echoed President Farr's comments, saying that the treaty was a "landmark achievement" for the two countries. He said that the treaty would "strengthen our ties" and "help us to achieve common goals."

 Flag of the Republic of Dostykstan

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