Special Envoy Visits Bhutan and Thailand

07/15/2015 23:35

Appointed by President William Farr, Special Envoy Lynne Secrist is on a fact finding mission to Asia.  Secrist is researching the GNH factor of Bhutan.  Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a philosophical idea that human values rather than material gain best serve the Bhutanese people.  A revolutionary idea in 1972 when the 4th Dragon King committed to building an economy in Bhutan that serves culture, health, education, ecology and well being.  Gross National Happiness has been much talked about topic among western nations in recent years.  Special Presidential Envoy Secrist said, "I believe West Who has a high GNH factor."  She will discuss with the President her findings upon her return.

Citizen Lynne Secrist also proudly displayed the West Who flag at Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Thailand as part of her visit to Asia.  The temple dates from the 1300's, is on the site of the ancient capital of Thailand, called Ayutthaya. In addition to Special Envoy Secrist, Foreign Minister Michael Farr is also currently visiting Thailand on behalf of the government.  

Special Envoy Secrist in Bhutan holding a West Who flag.