Protests Lead to Currency Being Withdawn

09/09/2013 17:50

The Treasury Department came under intense public pressure over its latest issue of currency.  "This money looks like Monopoly money," said one Whoville resident.  The Series A 2013 bills are the same size as the famous kids game money.  The National Treasurer of West Who acknowledged that a mistake had been made by printing the front side of the bill on both sides of the currency, however he said he thought the currency was of high quality.  The bills featured famous West Who citizens. 

"The government never should have released this money.  It is a joke."  Angry citizens have complained to the Treasury Department for the past month.  Today, Treasury officials announced that they will withdraw the Series A bills from circulation.  Government officials said Series B bills will be released over the next two months.  Series B bills will be a traditional sized bill that the public has been acustom to using.