W2 - The West Who Spy Agency

05/06/2015 20:01

Who’s Who W2 – The West Who Spy Agency
Serving West Who Since 2013


W2’s function is to serve and protect the nation

    Our functions, as set out in the Intelligence Services Act of 2013, are to:

        collect foreign intelligence, not available by other means, which may impact on West Who's interests;

        distribute that intelligence to the Government;

        undertake counter-intelligence activities which protect West Who's interests and initiatives; and,

        engage other intelligence and security services in West Who's national interests.


1.    Our Mission

The West Who Government expects W2 to be adaptable and to respond 

effectively to threats facing West Who and its citizens.

Our mission is to protect and promote West Who's vital interests as 

directed by Government officials.

2.    Primary Goal

W2's primary goal is to obtain secret intelligence about the capabilities, intentions 

and activities of individuals or organizations which may affect West Who's interests 

and the well-being of our citizens.

3.    Protect the Country

W2 is established to provide protective services to the Government and citizens.

4.    Our Work

The process that W2 follows in conducting investigations is collecting intelligence, 

assessing it and reporting to the Government.  This is known as the "security 

intelligence cycle".  We identify threats, set objectives, collect information, 

use covert methods of collection, analyze information and report to 

the President and Congress.