West Who Cabinet meets in Venice, Italy

04/06/2014 19:52
WWN - The Cabinet met with the President of West Who, William Farr in Venice, Italy.  An eight member government delegation toured Italy, the Vatican City State, Austria and the Czech Republic in an effort to increase the international presense of West Who.  The President held a cabinet meeting in Venice, Italy a first in our nation's history.  Previously, no cabinet meetings have been held outside West Who territory.   In attendance were the Vice President, Foreign Minister, Minister of Education, Space Agency Director, Nature and Wildlife Director, Congressman Neiderer and Senator Janse-Vreeling.  Security was tight with Italian Cabinari (national police) providing protection to our government officials.

The President spoke with Cabinet members about the upcoming national elections in July of this year.  West Who holds elections for national offices on a yearly basis.  The last election in 2013 was the first time West Who citizens voted electonically.  
The Vice President was also authorized to purchase a small amount of surplus Czech military equipment.  West Who does not have a standing army but citizens sixteen years and older can be called to service in an emergency.