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06/21/2022 15:26
President Farr will be awarding the 2022 Republic of West Who "Shining Star" Friendship Medal at MicroCon Las Vegas. The friendship medal highlights the West Who Space Program. This is the second time the West Who Senate has authorized a friendship medal according to Presidential Assistant Lindsay...
05/24/2022 19:46
West Who Space Director Kevin Farr received a name patch that was flown on the International Space Station circling the globe 5408 times before it was brought back to Earth on a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft. The Space Agency said this is the first item related to West Who to have flown in outer space.
05/21/2022 16:36
A large snow storm slammed West Who and the Denver regional area. Downed tree branches and power outages hit the Republic of West Who and the larger Denver area. The snow storm dropped over six inches of snow on Whoville today. Civil Services reported hundreds of dollars of damage to trees within...
05/04/2022 20:55
In late 1971, President Farr assumed complete control of the West Who government declaring that West Who was no longer a republic and was now an empire.  Keeping the title of president, Farr in fact became a benovelant dictator.  In reality little changed in West Who.  The population...
05/04/2022 20:30
From the National Archives located in Whoville, West Who is a copy of the the Whoville News from November 30, 1973.  The news was printed on a ditto machine and copies were circulated to citizens and leaders of other micronations located near West Who.  
05/04/2022 19:49
Invitation from the 1981 West Who Independence Day celebrations held in Corona, California celebrating the 12th anniversary of West Who's independence.  This document is part of the National Archives holdings on early West Who history.
05/04/2022 16:40
West Who Foreign Minister Michael Farr and his brother Bill Farr traveled around the globe in 1985.  While in Sydney, Australia they sent a telegram to President of West Who John Farr marking his 28th birthday.  This is another artifact from the West Who National Archives. Read...
05/04/2022 16:37
Historical artifact from West Who's early years The national achives recently found an autograph from Prime Minister Craig Carter of IsWas to President John Farr of West Who from the year 1970.  The autograph is one of the oldest items relating to West Who's early years as a micronation. ...
05/04/2022 16:30
Historical Facts and items from West Who Historical Fact -  This letter was mailed to the West Who Embassy in 1972 by Prime Minister Craig Carter of Iswas, a micronation in California.  Notice the two 5 cent Iswas stamps.  The interesting part is the United States Post Office...
04/25/2022 17:33   Click here to view the video West Who Films released a short video on YouTube called the West Who Flag Around the World.  The video features West Who citizens "flying the flag" in nations all over the earth.
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