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08/01/2021 20:40
  President William Farr President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts were reelected to office to lead West Who for another year.  Farr defeated Senator Isaac Muro 48 to 13 out of a total 61 votes cast in the national election.  Vice President Roberts ran unopposed and...
05/11/2021 16:32
West Who Foreign Minister Michael Farr announced that the Republic of West Who will send a delegation to MicroSummit 2021 in Las Vegas, USA in July. West Who has participated in three MicroCon conferences over the last six years, which are a separate organization from MicroSummit. The Foreign...
04/01/2021 17:29
The Republic of West Who post office released today "Animal Friends 2021" a stamp series featuring West Who citizens with various animals, including the Foreign Minister Michael Farr hugging a tiger while on a diplomatic mission to Thailand, Environmental Director Margaret Neiderer with a dolphin...
02/18/2021 16:30
The U.S. spacecraft Perseverance landed on Mars today carrying the name of West Who child Ellie Neiderer. West Who President William Farr arranged with NASA officials to have Ellie's name taken to Mars. West Who Space Director Kevin Farr noted this is the furthest into space that something related...
02/14/2021 21:44
There were 14 micronations that developed in Southern California in the early 1970s. The Federation Treaty officially called the Treaty of the Charter Members of the Federation was signed by four California Micronations in 1972.   The leaders of the nations of Iswas (Craig Carter), USSM (Mark...
02/14/2021 20:53
In 1971, the Great State of Iswas declared war on West Who.  Prime Minister Craig Carter the leader of Iswas accused the West Who Navy of seizing several Iswas ships.  In a letter to President John Farr in 1971 Carter stated "If this practice is not discontinued we will have to take...
02/14/2021 20:28
The Republic of West Who began in late 1969.  West Who is named after the Who's a group of people in a book by Dr. Suess. A quote by Dr. Suess in Horton Hears a Who "a person’s a person, no matter how small" was adapted by founding citizens of West Who to "a country is a country, no...
01/05/2021 13:28
The Ministry of Citizen Affairs reported that the population of West Who continued to rise in 2020.  Minister John Farr said 82 people were granted citizenship during the year.  West Who citizens reside in nations around the world.  Total population for the country was 272 as of...
11/29/2020 19:01
President Farr appointed three new justices to the West Who Supreme Court. Nadav Sundy, Taylor Cockerill and Owen Ervin have accepted their appoints to the nation's highest court. Chief Justice Roberts said, "I am looking forward to working with the new justices." The President said he was pleased...
11/21/2020 16:31
West Who Senators passed a to law to stop "office collecting" among micronations. The West Who Senate passed the Conflict of Interest Act prohibiting West Who office holders from being a part of another nation's government.  SB6 passed with a 70% yes vote in the Senate.  Senate Leader Ron...
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