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01/09/2023 12:08
  The population of the Republic of West Who increased 20% in 2022 according to the Ministry of Citizen Affairs.  West Who's population currently is 440 citizens in total, up from 350 in 2021.  The Ministry of Citizen Affairs accepted 90 people as new citizens during 2022....
12/20/2022 18:28
The Founding Father of West Who was John Farr.  He served as President, diplomat and early leader of the Republic of West Who.  He was a signer of the Federation Treaty between California micronations in the 1970s. Farr was born into a family of educators in California, USA.  While...
12/02/2022 18:08
The Kingdom of North Barchant and the Republic of West Who established full dipolmatic relations.  North Barchant is a micronation located in Eastern Europe which mainly has an online presence.  Foreign Minister Michael Farr said leaders of both nations met at a diplomatic conference at...
11/26/2022 15:49
The wedding of President Farr and Lindsay Cress was a beautiful and joyous occasion. The ceremony was held in a private setting in Mammoth Lakes, California and was attended by close family and friends, as well as government officials from West Who.  After the ceremony, the newlyweds took a...
11/06/2022 18:03
Foreign Minister Michael Farr has begun his official visit to the Republic of the Philippines.  This is the third nation the F.M. has visited on his Asian diplomatic tour.  Minister Farr has a number of sites and activities planned on his diplomatic mission to the Philippines.  "So...
10/21/2022 14:35
Foreign Minister Michael Farr attended the 20th Anniversary memorial service of the victims of terrorist bombings in Bali, Indonesia.  The Foreign Minister is visiting Indonesia as part of a three nation swing through Southeast Asia. He concluded his trip to the Kingdom of Thailand and is now...
09/21/2022 18:34
Four citizens John Lowndes, Charles Milner, Dr. Hemanshu Parmar and Taylor Cockerill were elected to a three year term in the West Who Senate. The special election was held to fill seats vacated by Senators who were elected to other offices in West Who such as vice president and governor.  Ten...
08/16/2022 11:07
President Farr led a delegation of four West Who officials to MicroCon 2022 in Las Vegas.  West Who was one of thirty micronations that attended the conference.  Minister of Citizen Affairs John Farr addressed the assembled delegates on the topic of Micronations in Space.  The talk...
08/08/2022 14:50
Four nations participated in the first Micronational Olympics at MicroCon2022 in Las Vegas. Athletes from the Republic of West Who, Royal Republic of Ladonia, Kingdom of Pibocip and the Free Democratic Republic of Loftus participated in the games. West Who garnered four Olympic medals three silver...
07/23/2022 22:26
Minister of Citizen Affairs John Farr was a guest on the podcast Micro Improvement, a podcast about various facets of micronations. President Stephen Luke of the Commonwealth of Dracul, the host of Micro Improvement spoke with Minister Farr in the last episode of Season One. The episode focused on...
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