The World's Happiest Micronation for over 50 years.

For over 50 years West Who has been an independent nation, with citizens living in over 40 countries around the world.  Declaring its independence in 1969, West Who has a democratically elected government, with various government agencies such as the West Who Space Agency, the West Who Intelligence Agency, a Post Office and Ministry of Education. Our happy citizens are led by President W. Farr.  The GHI (Gross Happiness Index) of West Who is among the highest in the world. The Republic of West Who is located in Colorado 7 miles west of Denver. West Who is .35 of an acre in size making it much smaller than the Vatican City.  West Who allows citizens to have dual citizenship. No matter where you live, you are welcome to apply to become a West Who citizen. Who knows maybe your picture will appear on one of our postage stamps. 

"West Who is Independent, Free and Fun"


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Farr and Roberts Win 2021 National Election            


William Farr and Sarah Roberts are elected as President and Vice President of the Republic of West Who.

President Farr and Vice President Roberts were reelected as leaders of West Who. Farr defeated Senator Isaac Muro 48 to 13 and Roberts ran unopposed.  The Whoville News covers all the important events in the Republic of West Who and around the micronation world.  Read interesting stories about the world of micronations, visit the Whoville News website for micronational news and events. Check out this interesting story about the President, along with other fascinating articles at the Whoville News website: WHOVILLE NEWS - WEST WHO


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West Who Space Agency - "Our future is in Space"

Can a small nation have an impact on the study of space?  Yes.  The purpose of the West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) is to develop programs and activities involving science and technology that support the priorities of the Government of the Republic of West Who.  SPEA directs its resources and activities in four key areas:

Space Awareness, Earth Observation, Space Science and Exploration, Satellite Communications

Visit the West Who Space Agency Website


Follow SPEA on Twitter or  Instagram  Watch the historic footage of a West Who rocket launch.


11/29/2020 19:01
President Farr appointed three new justices to the West Who...
11/21/2020 16:31
West Who Senators passed a to law to stop "office...
10/21/2020 19:55
Foreign Minister Michael Farr toured a formerly secret US...
09/19/2020 17:26
The Eagle 43 rocket the latest West Who rocket is sleek in...
08/11/2020 18:43
President Farr has declared August 30th as Missy Barrett...
07/06/2020 15:27
President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts...
06/09/2020 18:24
Supreme Court Justice Ramesh Kumar announced that he will...
05/22/2020 16:34
The Principality of Gumland located in Spain, and the...
05/14/2020 12:07
President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts...
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Republic of West Who - Happy times for everyone

Since 1969 West Who has been an independent nation, with citizens living in over 40 nations around the world.


West Who citizens may purchase a passport for $25 US, go to the general information section of this website.


Check out the West Who Flag video on YouTube West Who National Anthem


Horton Hears a Who is the favorite reading book of West Who children.     

MicroCon 2019 in Canada was attended by 44 micronations including West Who, check out the video of events MicroCon 2019


The West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency - Can West Who put a person on the Moon?

What is a micronation? Watch this HBO/Vice News story and find out. It features MicroCon 2017 an international summit of micronations, including West Who. 


West Who e-Passports are available to citizens for $25 US dollars or ($125 West Who dollars).  Contact the Ministry of Citizen Affairs for more information.

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MicroCon 2019 former President Farr

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Meet West Who Citizens   - View the short video on YouTube

Meet West Who citizens living around the world.  A new short film about happy people who are part of the Republic of West Who.  The film was directed by Ellie Neiderer.


A Spy Agency in West Who? Really

Watch the W2 Spy Agency Commerical


Join the West Who Spy Agency and protect the country.


MicroCon 2022 in Las Vegas, USA




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