Space Agency Director Attends Speech by President Obama

05/08/2015 19:52

West Who Space Agency Director Attends Speech by President Obama


WWN - Space Agency Director Kevin Farr was invited to attend a speech given by U.S. President Barack Obama in Portland, Oregon today.  Farr is the first West Who government official to be invited to an event with the American President.  Obama's speech was about U.S. plans to increase trade with Pacific Rim nations.  The President has reportedly run into some opposition from his own political party on his trade proposal.  "I've run my last election," he said. "And the only reason I do something is because I think it's good for American workers and the American people and the American economy."  And so, "on this issue, on trade, I actually think some of my dearest friends are wrong." 

Foreign Minister Michael Farr said, "West Who's economy is tied very closely to the U.S. economy.  West Who government policy promotes free trade."  He also said, "Again this invitation extended to Director Farr shows a growing respect for West Who."