The World's Happiest Micronation

Is West Who a real country?  Yes, of course.  West Who is a small independent country known as a mirconation.  Located in California 45 miles east of Los Angeles, West Who is .02 of an acre in size, much smaller than the Vatican City.  West Who has an efficient elected government, beautiful postage stamps, a space agency, spy agency and most importantly happy citizens. Led by President W. Farr, the GHI (Gross Happiness Index) of West Who is among the highest in the world. West Who allows citizens to have dual citizenship.  No matter where you live, you are welcome to apply to become a West Who citizen. Who knows maybe your picture will appear on one of our postage stamps. 

                                            West Who is Independent, Free and Fun



       C O L L E C T   W E S T   W H O   S T A M P S


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 Farr and Roberts Win National Election to Lead West Who


William Farr and Sarah Roberts were elected President and Vice President of the Republic of West Who in the National Elections.  Six new Senators, one Governor and a Mayor were also elected.

The Whoville News covers all the important events in the Republic of West Who and around the micronation world.  Read interesting stories about the world of micronations, visit the Whoville News website for micronational news and events. Check out this interesting story about the President, along with other fascinating articles at the Whoville News website:

West Who Pictures

West Who Space Agency

Can a small nation have an impact on the study of space?  Yes.  The purpose of the West Who Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) is to develop programs and activities involving science and technology that support the priorities of the Government of the Republic of West Who.  SPEA directs its resources and activities in four key areas:

Space Awareness

Earth Observation

Space Science and Exploration

Satellite Communications

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04/06/2014 19:52
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West Who Government Officials Leave for Italy

03/19/2014 12:22
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Poll Results Say Launch a Rocket

03/06/2014 21:06
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President and Senator Visit Vatican City

03/02/2014 13:32
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West Who Film Festival

01/19/2014 22:19
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Save the Planet Video a Success

01/08/2014 18:44
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Foreign Minister Visits Africa

12/07/2013 17:59
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Diplomatic Relations Established With Leylandiistan

11/16/2013 08:52
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West Who Couple Wins Lottery

11/08/2013 18:30
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