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01/05/2021 13:28
The Ministry of Citizen Affairs reported that the population of West Who continued to rise in 2020.  Minister John Farr said 82 people were granted citizenship during the year.  West Who citizens reside in nations around the world.  Total population for the country was 272 as of...
11/29/2020 19:01
President Farr appointed three new justices to the West Who Supreme Court. Nadav Sundy, Taylor Cockerill and Owen Ervin have accepted their appoints to the nation's highest court. Chief Justice Roberts said, "I am looking forward to working with the new justices." The President said he was pleased...
11/21/2020 16:31
West Who Senators passed a to law to stop "office collecting" among micronations. The West Who Senate passed the Conflict of Interest Act prohibiting West Who office holders from being a part of another nation's government.  SB6 passed with a 70% yes vote in the Senate.  Senate Leader Ron...
10/21/2020 19:55
Foreign Minister Michael Farr toured a formerly secret US government site in Roswell, New Mexico today.  He was shown the preserved body of an alien who crash landed in 1947 in Roswell.  An unidentified flying object crashed on a ranch northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, sometime...
09/19/2020 17:26
The Eagle 43 rocket the latest West Who rocket is sleek in its design.  The rocket is 67.9 cm in length, with a diameter of 25 cm.  The rocket weighs 62.4 g.  The recovery mechanism is a parachute.  The rocket will soar to 297 meters over West Who when launched by SPEA. The...
08/11/2020 18:43
President Farr has declared August 30th as Missy Barrett Good Deed Day in West Who.  He is encouraging citizens to do a good deed for someone else.  "Activities such as this remind us that we need to take personal action to bring about good in our world" said the...
07/06/2020 15:27
President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts beat their rivals to win the national elections in West Who.  The Elections Department released a final count of the votes throughout the nation.  Farr beat challenger Madison Petrilli to retain the office of the President and...
06/09/2020 18:24
Supreme Court Justice Ramesh Kumar announced that he will challenge Vice President Sarah Roberts in the upcoming West Who general election in July. Justice Kumar said, "It would be a pleasure to serve this very important role for my country West Who. I hope West Who citizens give me the opportunity...
05/22/2020 16:34
The Principality of Gumland located in Spain, and the Republic of West Who have signed a mutual friendship treaty according to Foreign Minister Michael Farr.  The treaty promotes the development of positive relations and mutual recognition between the two nations.  The current President...
05/14/2020 12:07
President William Farr and Vice President Sarah Roberts announced that they will seek re-election to office in the upcoming West Who general elections slated for June of this year.  Farr and Roberts won a landslide victory last year in the largest voter turnout in West Who history....
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