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09/06/2015 15:43
The Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) announced today that Vice President John Farr has been given a flight ticket to Mars by NASA.  The American space agency NASA is conducting a number of different missions to discover the possibilities for past or present life on Mars, NASA's Mars...
07/15/2015 23:35
Appointed by President William Farr, Special Envoy Lynne Secrist is on a fact finding mission to Asia.  Secrist is researching the GNH factor of Bhutan.  Gross National Happiness (GNH) is a philosophical idea that human values rather than material gain best serve the Bhutanese...
06/03/2015 18:32
We in West Who believe life is for living. It is a gift.  It is about making a difference in the world and being happy.  It is about balancing a good day’s work with time for family and friends.  We the people of West Who believe in a clean and beautiful environment, a warm and...
05/30/2015 21:22
The Week Magazine, an international newsweekly, mentioned West Who in a feature article about micronations.  The article spoke about the recent international meeting of micronations in Anaheim, California, USA for MicroCon 2015.  The article mentioned Whoville as being the capital city,...
05/08/2015 19:52
West Who Space Agency Director Attends Speech by President Obama   WWN - Space Agency Director Kevin Farr was invited to attend a speech given by U.S. President Barack Obama in Portland, Oregon today.  Farr is the first West Who government official to be invited to an event with the...
05/06/2015 20:01
Who’s Who "W2" – The West Who Spy Agency Serving West Who Since 2013      Visit the West Who Spy Agency webpage - W2's function is to serve and protect the nation.  Our mission, as set out in the Intelligence Services Act of 2013,...
04/11/2015 22:02
Vice President and Foreign Minister Attend International Conference Whoville - Vice President John Farr delivered a speech before heads of state from over 15 different micronations today in Anaheim, California, USA.  The Vice President was accompanied by Foreign Minister Michael Farr in...
03/15/2015 13:57
President William Farr, Minister of Finance Bryan Thiessenhausen and Director of Presidential Security Steve Young are on a one week tour of Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada.  The West Who government officials plan to visit San Diego, Los Angeles, Anaheim and Las Vegas....
02/05/2015 19:06
A little boy born yesterday became the first West Who citizen to be born in 2015. Lachlan Hugh Farr was born at St. Vincent Hospital at 7:15 a.m. weighing 6 pounds, 8 ounces, according to a news release from the medical center. He is 19 inches long, a hospital spokesman told the Whoville...
12/30/2014 00:00
Vice President and Foreign Minister Set to go to MicroCon 2015 The Foreign Ministry announced today that the Vice President and Foreign Minister would attend a meeting of micronations to be held in Anaheim, California, USA in April.  The Foreign Ministry said the conference will include the...
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