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12/23/2014 22:35
WWN - Whoville  The Department of Information reported that the Government of West Who website has passed 5000 unique visits in the past year and a half.  The Minister of Information said, "We are pleased that so many people worldwide have been interested in West Who."  He noted that...
11/30/2014 21:05
The Government of West Who Twitter site reported that The People's Daily, the largest media outlet in China began following West Who.  The Information Minister released a statement saying that the government Twitter site has one hundred and twenty four followers mainly micronations, space...
11/16/2014 19:58
Government Officials Visit American West West Who government officials visited the western United States.  Vice President Farr, Conservation Director Margaret Neiderer and Congressman L. Neiderer took a tour of the Rocky Mountain National Park in the United States.  The senior government...
10/26/2014 11:31
  WWN- Recently, Britian's Food Standards Agency and the Annals of Internal Medicine, a journal, concluded after extensive studies that there is no substantial difference between organic and non-organic foods concerning nutrition.  You get just as much nutrition with either...
09/07/2014 21:49
Does West Who really have a spy agency?  It is called the West Who Intelligence Service.  Its nickname is "Who's Who" W2.  The intelligence service has a serious mission to protect and promote West Who's vital interests.  The functions of W2 are set out in the Intelligence...
07/22/2014 21:46
WWN - A serious diplomatic breach of protocal occured in Italy when transit police hassled and then ticketed West Who's President.  Foreign Minister Michael Farr said, "We are outraged that Italian transit police ticketed the President."  President Will Farr was using public...
07/13/2014 21:28
Historical Facts and items from West Who Historical Fact -  This letter was mailed to the West Who Embassy in 1972 by Prime Minister Craig Carter of Iswas, a micronation in California.  Notice the two 5 cent Iswas stamps.  The interesting part is the United States Post Office...
07/12/2014 18:54
WWN- President William Farr was overwelmingly re-elected at president of West Who for another one year term.  The elections department said the polls were closed and all votes for President and Vice President were counted.  President Farr received 80 percent of the votes cast...
06/09/2014 19:16
WWN - The West Who News Service reported that President Farr signed a treaty that establishes diplomatic relations with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.   This is the second nation to establish diplomatic relations with West Who. Leylandiistan being the first.  Foreign Minister Mike Farr...
06/08/2014 14:02
Foreign Minister Embarks on Southeast Asian Goodwill Tour WWN- Foreign Minister Mike Farr has begun a goodwill tour of Japan, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia on behalf of the government.  Leaving from Los Angeles via Hawaii, the Foreign Minister's first stop will be a short stay in Japan....
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