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08/14/2016 13:33
Senator Reilly Roberts visited Machu Picchu as part of a goodwill tour of Peru.  The Senator spent several weeks in Peru studying the economy and culture of Peru.  Senator Roberts was a guest lecturer at a Peruvian university, a first for a West Who government official.  Below she is...
08/04/2016 20:48
  The Bank of West Who reports a stable economic picture in the nation.  The unique, noncommercial economy of Republic of West Who is supported financially by contributions, the sale of postage stamps and tourist mementos, fees for admission to the national museum, and the sale...
07/19/2016 13:04
West Who Border Crossing Sign Placed at International Border WWN- Whoville - The Government of West Who posted a border crossing sign at the international  border with the United States.  This is the first time West Who has posted a sign to mark the border bewteen West Who and the United...
07/09/2016 22:20
07/09/2016 14:41
Citizens cheering election results posted online   WWN- Whoville - West Who voters have overwhelming re-elected President William Farr to a third term in office as leader of the nation.  The Election Department reports that 72% of registered citizens had cast their vote for Farr.  "I...
07/05/2016 11:11
The Kingdom of Ruritania and West Who established diplomatic and cultural relations with the signing of a formal treaty. Queen Anastasia and Vice President Farr signed on behalf of each nation.  The Vice President had previously met the Queen at MicroCon 2015 in Anaheim, California, USA....
06/14/2016 21:26
The President, Vice President, Foreign Minister and friends celebrated Las Vegas Day, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  West Who is the only nation in the world to have a holiday dedicated to gambling.  Celebrtating this holiday West Who government leaders stayed at the Wynn Hotel and Four Queens...
05/14/2016 19:19
Space Agency Director Appeals to Congress for Funding WWN - Whoville -  SPEA Director K. Farr appealed to Congress to increase funding for the Space and Planet Exploration Agency.  "West Who needs to target more money to Space Agency projects," said Farr.  "If we are are going...
04/15/2016 18:06
Whoville - April 15, 2016 - International mail service was established between the Virtual State of Drakonberg and the Republic of West Who with the arrival of a letter from Drakonberg government official E. Hauser.  Postmaster J. Farr said, "The West Who Post Office Department is pleased...
03/01/2016 20:27
The Post Office Department released it's first set of new stamps for 2016 featuring animals and insects. The stamps call attention to protecting animals and remind West Who citizens of this important activity. Each picture which feature an elephant, lion, killer whale and butterfly were taken by...
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