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05/14/2016 19:19
Space Agency Director Appeals to Congress for Funding WWN - Whoville -  SPEA Director K. Farr appealed to Congress to increase funding for the Space and Planet Exploration Agency.  "West Who needs to target more money to Space Agency projects," said Farr.  "If we are are going...
04/15/2016 18:06
Whoville - April 15, 2016 - International mail service was established between the Virtual State of Drakonberg and the Republic of West Who with the arrival of a letter from Drakonberg government official E. Hauser.  Postmaster J. Farr said, "The West Who Post Office Department is pleased...
03/01/2016 20:27
The Post Office Department released it's first set of new stamps for 2016 featuring animals and insects. The stamps call attention to protecting animals and remind West Who citizens of this important activity. Each picture which feature an elephant, lion, killer whale and butterfly were taken by...
02/15/2016 18:06
Space Agency Director Kevin Farr announced that SPEA (Space and Planet Exploration Agency) had acquired an advanced drone from a U.S. corporation.  Farr said that drones are becoming increasingly useful in a variety of ways.  He noted that drones can perform tasks in the following areas:...
01/19/2016 21:45
Dr. Suess Day is March 2 which is the birthday of Dr. Suess also known as Theodor Seuss Geisel, a famous children's author.  The Ministry of Education has asked Congress to set aside March 2 in West Who as a national day to promote reading. Minister of Education Anne Farr and Deputy Minister...
01/01/2016 21:27
WWN - A 4.5 level earthquake rattled Government House in West Who.  The earthquake was centered in Devore, California which is about 20 miles from the West Who border.  Margaret Neiderer, the Director of the National Academy of Science, stated that no damage was done in Whoville....
11/13/2015 18:30
American police in the City of Milwaukee arrested a man who robbed the President of West Who.  American officials confirmed that a man being sought for stealing a backpack and wallet belonging to President William Farr has been apprehended.  A police detective met with the President at...
11/09/2015 20:42
President William Farr was robbed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  The President was visiting an art museum in Walker's Point and set down his backpack containing his wallet, credit card, West Who passport and sketch books.  A petty criminal, grabbed the backpack when the President was not...
10/18/2015 15:31
Whoville - WNN -  The West Who Congress passed the Space Agency Funding Act of 2015, increasing the amount the government will spend on SPEA in the upcoming year.  Space and Planet Exploration Agency Director Kevin Farr noted that SPEA has been very active this year.  "We have...
09/06/2015 15:43
The Space and Planet Exploration Agency (SPEA) announced today that Vice President John Farr has been given a flight ticket to Mars by NASA.  The American space agency NASA is conducting a number of different missions to discover the possibilities for past or present life on Mars, NASA's Mars...
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